Monday, November 11, 2013

The Philippines on two wheels - part ten

I'm on my little porch with iPad, notes and morning coffee. The day started with Gord and I taking our usual walk along the beach and through town. We stopped at the bakery and to buy bananas. I've had my pre-breakfast overdose of typhoon news from the BBC, CNN International and ANC, the main Philippines news channel. It's all bad. No point in saying more. 

My experiences, recounted in the previous posting, are hardly worth mentioning. I just happened to be here. My comments are only moderately interesting as the impressions of one who has had a privileged life and who rarely, other than as a reporter, has encountered misfortune. Had we been directly hit, I still, by local standards, would have been in conditions far better than most. I may even have lived. 

The resort's owner has another isolated resort, which took the typhoon’s full force. There’s no communication, so he wanted to quickly assess casualties and damage, and asked me to join him. However, roads are impassable. Desperate survivors begging for food and clean water. Aerial pictures show a howling wilderness.