Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mediterranean 2014 - part thirteen

Back in Morocco and considering the ‘Snack Saladin’. Don't mention Crusaders here and especially not at Casablanca's main attraction, the King Hassan II Mosque.

The second picture, showing people in relation to the 60 stories high minaret, suggests the mosque's size, largest in Africa.

Many Moroccans contributed to the building, completed in 1993. Whether they voluntarily contributed is another question. The main prayer hall can hold 25,000, the plaza 80,000 and a laser in the minaret is aimed at Mecca. 

I enjoyed a visitor from Atlanta's comment: ‘The carpet is very soft. You can simply lay down and take a nap there'.

A couple of shots to emphasize that not all Moroccan women are in drab black, but that many, even older, are colourful. Poking a camera in their faces, they'd rightly be offended, but they have no idea.

Two Casablanca 'face shots', a technique I'm trying to improve.

'Rick's Cafe’, opened in 2004 by a former American diplomat, mystifies the locals and, for that matter, mystifies me. I thought the next door Garage Neptune (with colourful bras hanging from an upstairs window) was more interesting.

 Maybe I’ll go back to the ‘Snack Saladin’.